In this video I’ll be showing you how I made this RGB LED illuminating sign.

For this project I have laser cut a free standing box sign out of some red acrylic and using a white backing panel for the text.
The electronics that you’ll need include:

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To begin I’m going to upload the project code to the microcontroller, by connecting it to a computer with the Arduino IDE on it, download the code from the project page and upload it to the board.

I’m then going to daisy-chain the three RGB LED rings together, making connections to ground, 5v and digital pin 6. With the¬†microcontroller and LED’s tested I’m then going to assemble the sign.

I’ll be mounting the electronics onto a small piece of proto-board which will allow us to remove the micro controller to update the code.
With the electronics assembled, I’m then going to mount them into the box and install the batteries into the holder. We can then seal up the box and switch the sign on.