Large LED Display

In this project I’ll be showing you how to make this large dot matrix led display board.

The display is comprised of 5 individual dot matrix display boards daisy-chained together to create the pannel.

In addition to the five individual boards you’ll need an Arduino compatible microcontroller, I’ll be using the Freetronics Eleven. Some hookup wire to connect the power terminals of the 5 boards to a central point, for this I used a strip of screw terminal connectors to power the boards in parallel.

I’ll also be using two 5 volt power supplies, one to power the Arduino and the other to power the array of displays.


Links & downloads:

With the dot matrix display data cables daisy-chained together we can then upload the code to the Arduino and install both the panels and Arduino to a backboard.

Once the board Arduino have been powered up, text will begin to scroll across the display.