Arduino – Accelerometer Mouse

In this video I’ll be making an accelerometer mouse using an Arduino, take a look. Don’t forget to subscribe to the MrHobbyelectronics YouTube channel.

For this project you’ll need:

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To begin I’ll be inserting the Arduino compatible board and sensor into the breadboard. Followed by connecting the sensor to the Arduino with VCC to 5v, ground to ground, SDA to Digital pin 2 and SCL to Digital pin 3. We can then insert the push button and resistor into the breadboard.



This diagram shows buttons for both left and right mouse buttons

For this project we’ll also need to install the MPU6050 library into the Arduino IDE before uploading the project code to the board. This is to support the accelerometer module that i’m using.

To test out the accelerometer mouse, connect it to a computer using the USB cable and move the board around to move the cursor on the computer. The push button will act as a left click on the mouse.