ESP8266 – Blynk Neopixel

In this video I’ll be showing you how to use Blynk to control a neopixel ring.

For this project you’ll be needing:

  • nodeMCU ESP8266 board
  • jumper wires
  • neopixel led ring
  • micro USB cable
  • a mobile device for testing

Project code:

Blynk Neopixel demo


To begin, connect the LED ring to the NodeMCU board. Connecting the VCC pin to 5V, Ground to Ground and the data in pin to digital pin 1.

With the Connections made we can then download the blynk app and create a new project with an RGB colour selector in it.
We can change the type to merged and assign it to virtual pin 1.
From the Blynk app we can find the project authentication token, we’ll need to enter this into the project code.

With the Blynk project created we can launch the project code using the Arduino IDE.
I have the ESP8266 board collection installed, Click here to get started with the ESP8266 module with the Arduino IDEĀ , this will allow me to select the NodeMCU 12 board from the boards list.
We can enter the Blynk project authentication token and our wireless access points ssid and password into the appropriate fields, followed by uploading the code to the board.
We can then start the Blynk project, this will connect to the board allowing us to control the colour of the LED ring through the app.